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Welcome to Milna-Apartments!

The surrounding of Milna on the sunny island Hvar!

Milna is ideal for swimming:


On this site we will present all the different beaches in the surrounding of Milna. You can reach all the bays by walking in mater of minutes. The bays are very clean, so it is ideal for diving. Here you can dive into another world.

In middle of Milna is the first beach, that is just two minutes from our apartment . There are many restaurant. The beach is 200 meters long.


The second beach is in the part of Milna that is called Mala Milna, to come to it you have to pass an beautiful pine forest, and it is just two minutes from the first beach. This beach is the finest one so it is suitable for children and it have a length of 50 meters.


Access to the third bay.


Under the shade of the pine forest you can find nice places to take sunbaths and after that go for a swim at the sea.


Devils islands, Jerolim:


Bay Dubovica.


Contact: Monika & Ante Tudor, 21450 Milna / islad Hvar, Croatia, Phone: +385 21 745033, e-Mail: ante.tudor@st.htnet.hr


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