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Welcome to Milna-Apartments!

Bili Potok, offten renowed, ecological white vine from Ante Tudor:

Bili Potok year 2005 with the golden medal "Bios Croatia"


In our Apartment and bungalow with an beautiful view to the sea you can enjoy our renowned vine BILI POTOK. This is one of the few biological vines with an 20 years old tradition. Ante Tudor started this project more than twenty years ago and was mostly laughed  of he was ahead of the time. The sceptics stoop laughting when tv and journal crews arrived to report about our biological vine. As our guests you are literary sitting on the spring of our vine that you can enjoy in.


Ante and Monika Tudor-Weiss 
View to the Weincellar of Ante Tudor from Milna




Contact: Monika & Ante Tudor, 21450 Milna / islad Hvar, Croatia, Phone: +385 21 745033, e-Mail: ante.tudor@st.htnet.hr

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