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How to reach us?

Croatia is a country that has a long coastline, so besides traveling on the mainland, one can use ferries to travel around Croatia too. Ferry transport is very popular means of transport at the coastline. The Croatian coastal towns and cities are served by ferry and ship services. Islands that are inhabited are connected with the mainland and other islands by various ferry services. Off season traveling is restricted, but seasonal (summer) travel routes tend to be more frequent and some of fast hydrofoil/catamaran services are added too.

If you want to reach island Hvar (and don't have your own boat) you should travel from Split (capital of Dalmatia), Drvenik (small town on Makarska Riviera), Ancona (Italy) or Pescara (Italy) by ferries or catamarans. This is the only way to come to the island. There are daily ferry lines from Split to Stari Grad and from Drvenik to Sucuraj, as well as catamaran lines from Split to Jelsa and from Split to the town of Hvar.
Out of season ferry from Split to Stari Grad sails 3-4 times a day and from Drvenik to Sucuraj 6-7 times. During summer season ferry from Split to Stari Grad sails 4-7 times a day and from Drvenik to Sucuraj 12-20 times. Ferries from Italy sail only during summer season. For more information, please visit jadrolinije (Croatian sea shipping company) site.

Milna is an small village with about 100 people, that is spread between four beautiful beaches.
The firs of the four beaches is situated at the middle point of Milna, the second one is in the part of Milna called Mala Milna, the third one is in 15 min. walking distance away from Milna. The fourth one is an nutistic beach.

When you get bored of the peaceful village just go to the town Hvar that is 4 km away from Milna. There you can find different kind of amusement from sport, cultural, gourmand and night activities. Hvar is elected as one of the 10 most beautiful island in the world. The season starts  May and ends  October.

Milna is an very young village, it is about 50 year old. I am mentioning that because you have the opportunity to go to an two hours long walk to the history of  the people of  Milna, They lived in an old stone village that is just 1.5 km from Milna.
There is the possibility to do an small hiking tour to the nearby hill from were you have an panorama view of the islands around Hvar.



Contact: Monika & Ante Tudor, 21450 Milna / islad Hvar, Croatia, Phone: +385 21 745033, e-Mail: ante.tudor@st.htnet.hr

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